Wednesday November 20, 2013
Willow Tree Restaurant
6513 Regional St
Dublin, CA

Molten Salt and Thorium Nuclear Power (MSR)

Presented by
Dr. Alexander Cannara
Cannara Consulting



Suppose someone told you there is a way of generating heat and electrical power on an industrial scale without the fuel emissions, nuclear materials, and waste we now produce, and do it for the whole world for thousands of years, using a cheap, plentiful source. What would you say?

Suppose these power sources:

  1. Cannot explode because they are unpressurized and produce no flammable materials
  2. Shut down naturally, without power or people, if something goes wrong
  3. Are independent of water cooling, so can be built anywhere, using little land
  4. Get their energy from cheap material abundant on Earth, Moon, and Mars
  5. Can be made to consume nuclear wastes
  6. Produce valuable industrial/medical/scientific isotopes now becoming scarce
  7. Have already been tested and shown to work
  8. Can be built and operated more cheaply than coal, oil, or gas power
The generic name for this is Molten-Salt Reactor (MSR), and the specific variant is Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR)-all American inventions, for now. The Chinese and many others are busy finishing what we designed and operated in the 1960s at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


Dr. Alexander Cannara is an electrical engineer, software and networking consultant and educator. He spent 25 years in computer networking, 12 of those managing, developing and delivering technical training. Alex has 15 years of consulting, 7 of those helping hundreds of organizations with network problems and design issues. He has taught courses in engineering, statistics, programming and networking at: Stanford, USF, International Technological University and Golden Gate and Silicon Valley Universities. Alex has worked with local and national groups on energy and climate issues and on safe nuclear power. Hes worked at: Ballantine Laboratories, RMC Research, Zilog, Gibbons and Associates, Mitsubishi Semiconductor, AMD, 3Com, Network General, Vitesse, PacketMotion and Xambala. Dr. Cannara holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University in Mathematical Methods in Educational Research and MS degrees in both Plasma Physics and Statistics.

Presentation: Click here for a copy of the presentation.

The speaker also recommends going to the following web sites: (JFK) (short videos) (MSR/LFTR summary)

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